Hookers & Clickers (do it for charity) was set up in September 2017 in West Yorkshire.

Our aim is to connect like-minded people in an attempt to make the world just a little bit better. We do this by knitting and crocheting for various charities which change regularly.

We run short term, specific need projects across the UK and overseas for a variety of charities and are always open to suggestions for our next challenge. So far we have supported KipBag, SANDS (the stillbirth & neonatal death charity), Leeds Baby Bank in West Yorkshire, NPAC (National Police Aid Charity) and many others. You can read more about these under Past Projects.

We can’t thank this group of knitters, stitchers and crocheters enough… Their generosity means that all proceeds from the sale of any of these items goes directly back into our charity allowing us to continue our work with new mums, babies and families, who need support more than ever in times like these!

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