Armley Helping Hands (AHH)

 Dawn Newsome, CEO of Armley Helping Hands (AHH) has worked hard to make this charity what it is. It helps older people & people with dementia in West Leeds.

Dawn has asked us for 250 lap blankets – 36″ x 48″ (12 x 12″ squares) to support their winter warmth campaign, 250 twiddle muffs for dementia patients in nursing care (to include a number of nursing homes across Armley as well as a rehabilitation unit in Pudsey) and finally, 250 market bags which will be distributed at local food banks as well as to other service users. Dawn has even “lined up” a volunteer to “line” (see what we did there??) our crochet bags with fabric, making them perfect for some of their service users who may need to carry around medication and other smaller private items.

To find out more about the work AHH does, check out their website here.

And whilst the main part of this project has now been completed, we are continuing to work with AHH and support them in their fundraising efforts which currently includes creating small Christmas decorations which they can sell.

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