Current Projects

We work with lots of local, national and international charities.

Find out more below about the different charities, groups and organisation we are currently supporting, and have a peek at the fabulous handmade items being created by our wonderful group of crafters.

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals

We are currently making blankets for palliative care services and dementia care at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. We are also knitting and crocheting comfort dolls for The Complex Needs Team . Patients with a learning disability and/or autism can find it comforting to hold these dolls while they are spending time in hospital.

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Harrogate Hospital

The Special Care Baby Unit takes care of babies that are born from 32 weeks gestation to term. We are knitting and crocheting 250 baby blankets for the SCBU, in lots of different colours and patterns.

Breastfeeding Together

We are currently making lots and lots of rainbow star blankets for Breastfeeding Together! As a registered charity, Breastfeeding Together provide peer support for families from pregnancy through to early years and beyond. They share information, knowledge and skills, develop training courses for professionals and much more.

National Police Aid Convoys

The National Police Aid Convoys started in 1993 when a group of police officers used their influence, networks and negotiating skills to find and deliver huge amounts of humanitarian aid to places that other NGOs couldn’t reach. We are currently working with NPAC to provide bed-sized blankets, baby blankets and jumpers for children and teenagers. NPAC distribute aid containers to supply hospitals, clinics and schools, as well as supporting smaller charities with transport and logistics. They also respond to emergencies, such as natural disasters and refugee crises. The work we are doing with NPAC will be on-going.

Alongside NPAC we also support Smalls for All®, a Scotland-based charity which collects underwear to give to adults and children in need in Africa and the UK.

Brendoncare Community Hub

Brendoncare in Hampshire have asked for our help to create a Remembrance Day display in November, so we are working away to make 1,000 knitted and crocheted red poppies.

St James’ and LGI

The delivery suites at St James’ Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary have asked us to make them a constant supply of baby hats, and how could we refuse! The work we are doing with both hospitals will be on-going.

Martin House Hospice

Martin House provides family-led care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. They support families from across West, North and East Yorkshire, both at their hospice and in the community. Our current goal is to make 5,000 items for Martin House to sell in their shops and online to raise money to fund the valuable work they do with families.

The Promise of a Garden

We have decided to make flowers and contribute to The Promise of a Garden – an artwork being co-produced by The Performance Ensemble, Leeds Playhouse, Leeds Older People’s Forum and Leeds 2023 : “The Promise of a Garden blends performance, dance, music, film and photography to create blossoming moments of joy and reflection as we begin to explore and gather strength in this new post-pandemic normal.”

Leeds Baby Bank

Leeds Baby Bank support families and around Leeds with a wide range of essential baby items to ensure that no child goes without. We are currently making large toddler bed-sized blankets for them to distribute to families in need, and keep children warm and cozy.

Food Banks

We are making cotton market bags, which we sew or crochet, and send to various food banks around the country.

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