Making the world better

… one stitch at a time.

We have created a community of like-minded people in an attempt to make the world just a little bit better. We do this by knitting and crocheting for charities and people in need of a helping hand, making connections through craft.

We have an online Facebook group where we chat, share our makes, and have lots of fun! We also run regular hook-ups in Leeds at Gotts Park, Armley where everyone is welcome.

If you are a charity, community group or organisation who could use a helping hand then please get in touch with us via email and we can discuss working together!

Current Projects

Find out more below about the different charities, groups and organisation we are currently supporting.


Take a look at some of the knitted and crocheted items we have made for the many charities and groups we have supported.

Past Projects

From baby clothes to blankets, and egg cosies to twiddle muffs, find out about the fabulous groups and organisations we have worked with.

Little did I realise you would hook and click morning, noon and night, from all corners of the world 🙂

Julie, SANDS

A very big THANK YOU from all at Wheatfields for the amazing egg cosies!

Paula, Sue Rider Wheatfields

If you would like to support us and keep our charitable work going you can make a donation to our group PayPal account using hookersandclickers@gmail.com as the PayPal ID.

All funds donated are used for the purchase of yarn and postage to get all of these wonderful makes out to organisations and people in need.

Let’s get in touch

Most of our day-to-day activity takes place in our Facebook group. Please come along and request to join if you would like to knit and crochet with us.

We are a working group so please only join if you are planning on contributing to our current charity projects, but don’t be put off if you are a beginner – everyone is welcome!

Email us at hookersandclickers@gmail.com or follow us on: